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Cryptocurrencies vs Gold: Which one is best investment in 2018?

Having seen dramatically rise in Bitcoin’s value, people who heard about at that time buy keep side-lines now they were hitting their head with the walls for not buying it when it was first released. Because they missed an opportunity for becoming fast millionaires.

But Do you think that this magical rise of crypto currencies really an indication of true value.

Nowadays people thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies even on this current record prices- Just because of an instability of fiat currencies.


Sure because in fiat money system the central bank has authority to print money and it has its own weakness. Now the hard assets like gold and silver are the most popular investment for intelligent investors because it’s safe against the currency devaluation.

However, it’s also apply on cryptocurrencies but no matters what cryptocurrency stockist told you a virtual token cannot replace as your investment.

Below are the reasons why

11>    Gold is Far different than cryptocurrency and money: 

Fiat money are currency that just a legal tender on paper but it was not built with any physical assets or has no physical value if current got changed.

Cryptocurrencies are having similar thing that there is no tangible value if the market goes done or government make them illegal.

So how can you think about an option against fiat money with another type on non-tangible money that have no physical value.

But when we come hard assets like god and silver then they are globally renowned you can exchange it with any currency in the world. It has its physical value which is eventually growing and never been gone on ground.

2>    Gold and market liquidity:

They value of assets we can calculate in terms of tread for goods, services or other assets.
Gold is the most liquid assets existed in world, you can convert it into cash anytime and anywhere all around the world. There is no border for gold.

But if we think about cryptocurrency in mainstream this is not possible yet.

The reason behind the liquid quality of gold is huge market. According to world gold council the gold ever mined can make a total of $7.8 Trillion.

And we check for cryptocurrency market the total cap is $161 Billion and its whole share of 1170 different cryptocurrencies running around the world.

so if you are investing or buying gold then it’s going to a smart decision.

3>    Sustainability of gold is longer than any currency

If we go and see in past early internet day in 1990s. so many store market boomed with the popularity of internet suddenly disappeared till 2000 with the dot com bubble. And crush in turn give profit to industry giants like google which still leading the market.

Now we can compare cryptocurrencies with this wall street and take a lesson from past for the upcoming future. Because this going to happen with most of cryptocurrencies to a few which going to lead but we cannot say which one at this time.

And again the gold wins here cause it’s in trade from the history we ever read or heard. So if you thinking about Buying golds hurry it’s never late to investing in gold because it’s for forever.

4. Security:
Security is the reason that will always keep you in fear after buying a cryptocurrency because if you go and search for cryptocurrency theft there are regular news in market relate to this.
They cryptocurrency provider still have not such security that cannot be break.

At the other end when your time in bad and your gold get robbed. It that case also you can claim insurance for your gold almost full amount of depository.

In the End Gold wins with 4-0 and if you looking for a healthy investment then don’t hesitate to spending in gold. Here is nice saying by J. P. Morgan.

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”

So if you interested in gold then the best way in gold investment to buy gold bars, and hers the reason why.

Purity: when we talk about gold first thing comes in mind is purity and gold bullion Bars has best form of gold for trade.

Umicore and Metalor are both good refiners on the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

Purchase: Gold Bullion Bars are available in market in all weight from as little as 1 g and go up to 1kg. the most popular choice among people are 100 Gram Gold Bar because they are perfect fit in most common investment cap.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, please let me know if you want to share something relevant our update related to this article in comment section.

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